Dear Prospective Parents; Students,

Welcome to our St. Lawrence School web site. As you look through the site, and you may be
considering enrolling your child at St. Lawrence, please feel free to call our school's main office with
any questions you might have. In addition, please know that your child is always welcome to shadow
for a day, but I request that you call and make those arrangements in advance.

At the present time we have openings in all our classrooms for the 2013-2014 school year.
Kindergarten is an all-day program; and our Pre-K 3 & 4-year old classes are all-day, 5 days/week,
or the schedule can be tailored to meet the needs of both the parent and the child.

Our philosophy here at St. Lawrence School flows from the church's participation in the mission of
Jesus. As a loving community with a responsibility to our students and their families, the faculty and
staff are committed to promoting academic excellence integrated with a vision of life and learning
centered in the person and gospel of Jesus Christ. St. Lawrence School has a rich history, opening
its doors in 1917. In its 96-year history many successful young men and women have passed through
its doors.

Saint Lawrence School is open to academically qualified children whose parents/guardians are
members of St. Lawrence Parish, as well as those who live in the geographic boundaries of the
parish. Saint Lawrence School does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, or
national/ethnic origin.  Busing is provided for our students who live in West Haven. We also have a
number of students from surrounding communities.

At Saint Lawrence School there is a strong commitment to Catholic education by my pastor, Father
Mark Jette, my faculty and staff, my parents and their families, and my students. St. Lawrence
students are enthusiastic and eager to learn, and conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible
manner. My staff is both dedicated and committed to providing a learning environment that fosters
the intellectual, spiritual, social, and personal development of each and every child.

We have a safe environment here at Saint Lawrence School.  All doors to the school are locked at
all times, and all visitors must buzz in to be admitted  carefully screened both visually and audibly.  
In addition, there is an extensive camera surveillance system both on the exterior and throughout
the interior of the school buildings.

We were re-accredited by the New England Association of School and Colleges, NEASC, in 2007.
We have one classroom of each grade, from Pre-K. through eighth grade, with two kindergarten
classes. Class size is relatively small, with a low teacher to student ratio affording our students a
more individualized program. Our tuition rates are very affordable, and tuition payment plans are
available. Also, every parent is offered the opportunity to apply for scholarships if they so qualify
after their first year here at St Lawrence. The West Haven Board of Education Food Service
provides our students a hot lunch each day, if they so choose not to bring lunch from home.

All the core subjects are offered in each grade, along with religion. In addition, we offer World
Language in grades kindergarten through eighth. Also, students have Physical Education, Library,
Music and Art classes each week. Music instrument lessons are offered in grades fourth through
eight by an instructor from Future Musicians, and twice a year there are regional band concerts.

Our students follow a rigorous Academic Program that mirrors the Connecticut standards in all
subject areas. The CoGat mental ability test is administered in grades 5 and 7, and the Iowa
Achievement tests are administered each year in grades 3 through 7. Our Catholic School students
consistently score well-above the National average.  In a recent press release dated 7/12/2012,   
"The ITBS scores are equally as impressive, indicating that students in Catholic schools in the
Archdiocese, in third through seventh grades, exceed the national average in reading, math,
language arts, social studies, and science. ITBS scores are reported in both grade equivalents and
national percentiles. This year, consistent with the last decade of scores, Archdiocese of Hartford
students’ average performance on all subtests measured in the top 20 percent of students tested
nationally, with many students performing on average in the top 90th to 99th percentile nationally.  
Most notable were the test scores of seventh graders in the Archdiocese of Hartford who, on
average, tested at an eleventh grade equivalency in language arts, tenth grade equivalency in
science, and the later part of the ninth grade equivalency in reading, math and social studies."

We have a wonderful  reading series, The Pleasant Rowland Reading Program, in grades Pre-Kdg
through second grade. In Pre-Kdg the program is entitled Happily Ever After, and in grades
kindergarten through second it is entitled Superkids.   This year we will be adding two new
innovative programs to our curriculum, Lexia Reading and Symphony Math.    Lexia Reading
provides individualized, adaptive learning for students of all abilities and provides the teachers with
norm-referenced data on student proficiency, as well as the instructional resources necessary to
differentiate instruction for each student.  Symphony Math is a highly intuitive, web-enabled
program that helps students understand at a conceptual level, gain a strong foundation in
underlying principles. and become better equipped to take on advanced topics.  This special math
intervention goes far beyond rote math drills and practice tests - it illuminates the core of learning
and produces confident and more capable students.

In our junior high, grades 6th through 8th, we offer both Algebra and Pre Algebra classes. We have
an extensive library with a full-time librarian, and our library also houses our WTNH Weather Net
Station.  In addition, our 8th grade classes have a science partnership with the University of New
Haven, which offers them additional opportunities in off campus science labs and classrooms. For
science we have a Science Lab set up complete with lab tables and equipment for the students to use
on all grade levels.

We have a separate building that houses our Pre Kdg Program as well as our After School
Program, which is offered to all families of our students who may need this additional supervision
and child care after school.

We have two computer labs, as well as eight classrooms that are equipped with Smart Boards that
allow the teachers to offer their students technologically-advanced lessons and presentations.  We
also have the Turning Point Response System which is used in all grades by the teachers to further
enhance their teaching as well as to provide an immediate response of their students’ understanding
of concepts being taught.

We have a full sports program here at St. Lawrence School, under the direction of Father Mark
Jette and his coaches, offering our students soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball.  We have a
Student Council that meets under the direction of two of my staff members.  The Student Council
each year undertakes many worthwhile projects throughout the community, in senior centers and
convalescent homes.

Almost daily my staff of dedicated teachers can be found staying after school,offering their students
tutorial lessons and reinforcing skills taught in the many subject areas. Throughout the year our
students will take many worthwhile and educational field trips, in addition to the enrichment
programs that are provided by outside agencies to our students here at St. Lawrence School.  Each
month a student in each grade is recognized by his/her teacher for his/her positive achievements,
and the students, along with their parents and family, are invited to a Student of the Month
Breakfast and ceremony. At the breakfast they receive a certificate of achievement, an outline of
their achievements, and a special Principal’s pin to proudly wear.

These are just a few of the highlights of events that take place here at St. Lawrence School each
and every day.  We would love to have you become part of our wonderful family, our St. Lawrence
Family. Again, thank you for visiting our site, and please let us know if there is anything we can do
to help you with your decision to enroll your child(ren) here at St. Lawrence School.

Mr. Paul R. DeFonzo
Mr. Paul R. DeFonzo
Please contact the web administrator with any problems and/or comments